DL Wholesale Inc. doing business (collectively DL Wholesale) warrants that for a period of three years from the date of purchase, this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. DL Wholesale, at its option, will repair or replace this product or any component of the product found to be defective during the warranty period. Replacement will be made with a new or remanufactured product or component. If the product is no longer available, replacement may be made with a similar product of equal or greater value. This is your exclusive warranty. DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical malfunctions on this product. Doing so will void this warranty and may cause serious injury/death/damage.

This warranty is valid for the original retail purchaser from the date of the initial retail purchase and it not transferable. Keep the original sales receipt. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty performance. DL Wholesale dealers, distributors, service centers and retail outlets selling DL Wholesale products do not have any right to alter, modify or in any way change the terms and conditions of this warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from the following: negligent use or misuse of the product, use on improper voltage or current, use contrary to the operating instructions, use contrary to any and all applicable local, state, provincial or federal laws, disassembly, repair or alteration by anyone other than DL Wholesale or an DL Wholesale authorized service center. Future, the warranty does not cover: Acts of God, such as fire, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, nor Acts of War or Acts of Terrorism.

In order to fulfill a warranty exchange, you must contact the retailer that you purchased your product from. If you are unable to contact your retailer because they are no longer in business, you may contact DL Wholesale directly at 510-550-0018.

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